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Good food for young minds

Kids have access to safe content and communication in the Telegram world and adults have full control over the kids’ activity.

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Unlimited access to Telegram for children and teenagers is dangerous

While Telegram offers freedom of expression, this has resulted in numerous channels with disturbing content, including pornography, violence, and suicide. This poses a significant risk to young users, potentially damaging their psyche and values. 


Despite Telegram's 17+ age limit, many children access the app unsupervised. KidGram aims to address this issue by providing a safe and positive Telegram experience for children, filtering out harmful content and protecting them from potential abuse.

How KidGram works

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This is a secure version of Telegram for kids, available on ELARI watches or smartphones and tablets. Works synchronously on all devices and allows you to: 

- Send messages to allowed contacts 

- Reach out to allowed groups

- View content and subscribe to allowed Telegram channels  

- Send a request to add new contacts, channels and groups

KidGram TV

A feed of child-appropriate and approved or added Telegram feeds by you.


The app through which you manage KidGram and ELARI watches, if your children have them. As well as chatting statistics and other help


The platform containing all contacts and content to which the KidGram app is connected.


for the youngest ones

KidGram for ELARI Smart Watches

Under your strict guidance a child can add contacts, create and join groups and channels, chat, send multimedia and voice messages and allow stickers.

for older kids

KidGram for smartphones and tablets

Teenagers can use KidGram on smartphones and tablets (coming soon!), as well as in combination with kids’ watches.

In addition, parents will be able to monitor the geolocation of the a smartphone to determine where their kid is.


for parents

Parental control through the ELARI SafeFamily App:

With the help of the ELARI SafeFamily application, control your kid's contacts, groups and channels at any time. In addition, statistics and chat history for allowed chats are available to you.

With parental consent, a child can choose certain contacts for which the chat history won't be available.

tools for parents

Powerful App for responsible parents

Be a friend and mentor to your kid!

KidGram service allows you to communicate with your child through your Telegram app and share exciting content with him, including links to groups, channels and specific YouTube videos.

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tools for kids

Give your kids the freedom
to communicate

Time to chat!

Your child can add contacts, create and join groups and channels, text, send multimedia messages and allowed stickers.

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Follow the important news about KidGram, useful kids content recommendations and other interesting information in our official Telegram channel.

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